About Us

American Global Security (AGS), mission is not only to safeguard you, but also your personal and commercial properties, at the best prices on the market. As one of the new leading security services companies in Southern California, AGS strives to provide best services as, on-site armed and unarmed guards as well as security officer services. Our team will work with you, to offer custom services to meet all of your demand. Our private security guard services extend to a variety of commercial and residential markets that include construction and industrial sites, retail centers, healthcare and educational facilities, warehouses, financial institutions, residential, commercial communities and the hospitality industry. Our security services span throughout Southern California. Our services operate by our corporate office in Los Angeles County.

Our Values

American Global Security core values can be summarized in three words: Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness. We work hard to deliver what we promise by maintaining a high level of professionalism in every department. Our guards are trained to be alert, aware and prepared no matter what problem arises. Your business is valued and never taken for granted.