Hire AGS for the Holidays! Enjoy with your family

Hire AGS for the Holidays! Enjoy with your family

The holidays are here, and as a store proprietor or manager, you should prioritize the safety and protection of your staff, customers, and property. Black Friday through Cyber Monday provide retailers across the nation with unique security problems due to the massive influx of consumers.

Although online shopping dominates today’s market, brick-and-mortar storefronts are still popular with both the older demographics, and more surprisingly with the youngest generation. Many enjoy the tangibility of in-store shopping and the hunt for clearance items. However, the increased numbers of shoppers can pose significant safety risks.

Not to mention the continued and steady influx of shoppers all the way through to Christmas. During this end of the year phase, AGS services aim to address the following issues:

  • Theft of merchandise or property by shoplifters and even employees
  • Vandalism and property destruction
  • Parking Lots safety (on which we have developed a unique training course!)
  • Use of stolen credit cards or counterfeit bills
  • Disorderly crowds and the injury or damage they can cause
  • Aggression amongst customers or patrons, due to higher stress or inebriation
  • Employee-on-customer violence

How Can You Better Protect Your Company During the Holidays?

Businesses want effective security solutions. During the holiday shopping season, companies should reevaluate their current security methods in addition to employing professional security guards.

System flaws or obsolescence might leave your organization and employees vulnerable. AGS executive team members and field supervisors can re-evaluate your security protocols as part of our approach to your unique scope of work!

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, retail employees experience some of their busiest and most difficult workdays of the year. Many of them will be confronted with difficult, chaotic situations.

American Global Security can provide your personnel with additional training in theft prevention, customer service, and emergency protocols before the holiday rush. Employing temporary, experienced security guards is one of the most efficient means of protecting your business during the Holidays.

AGS can dispatch professional security guards who are familiar with your business’s security threats and have the expertise and skills necessary to maintain everyone’s safety on site.

AGS will asses your property

Utilizing the services of American Global Security provides more than just professional guards. Regional Field Supervisors can assist you in evaluating the threats particular to your business and assets.

We can detect potential weaknesses in your processes and protocols, then offer solutions to these problems. Peace of mind during the Holidays is so much easier when you have competent security personnel assisting you, not just guards conveniently dropped off at your site.

AGS Unarmed Guards Deter and Capture Shoplifters

Crime is prevalent during the Holiday season. Pickpockets and shoplifters are on the rise across the nation’s retail establishments. Thieves exploit the enormous crowds, distracted shoppers, and general confusion of the day to commit their crimes. The presence of unarmed security guards deters would-be criminals. AGS guards are also taught to recognize suspicious conduct in order to prevent thefts before they occur.


Set Yourself for amazing holidays with Active Security Services

Rather than a time of increased stress and uncertainty, let this Holiday season be a time of confidence and safety for you and your employees. AGS security guards serve as gatekeepers, regulating crowds to ensure the safe and orderly entry and exit of customers. Additionally, they are available to mediate in the instance of a brawl or other disturbance with either patrons or transients. 

Contact us to request more information about American Global Security unarmed guard services for the holidays!