American Global Security is one of California’s most trusted and equipped security guard companies in Fontana. Every member of the American Global Security team comprises primarily of retired military professionals and law enforcement, which means we have the necessary experience to protect individuals or/and commercial properties. We are also available for special event demands and occasions. American Global Security well-trained staff can fit into the following positions: armed security guards, unarmed guards, and vehicle patrol guards.

American Global Security is focused on providing nothing short of quality security service to both individuals and businesses in Fontana. We go the extra mile to secure people and their properties/business environment.

We reduce our clients’ stress by providing them with competent security guard(s). This way, you won’t have to go through the stress of hiring, managing, and training your security personnel—it requires expertise and takes a lot of time. At American Global Security, we will allow you to focus on conducting your business while we take charge of your security. At the same time, we take steps to ensure simple management of your security.

Over the past few years, we have successfully served numerous customers from different industries, including hotels, retail, banking, restaurants, construction, and more. For each of these industries we’ve serviced, we provide customized security services that fit their needs. If you need a top-notch security service, don’t hesitate to make inquiries at [email address], and we will get the ball rolling.  We start by carrying out an analysis of your environment and facility. This will help us narrow down the level and type of security needed.

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