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American Global Security carefully protects our customer’s assets. Our greatest priority is to satisfy our customers just by searching "security services near me". We assess each client’s security requirements and match proficient expert security officers to accommodate your own requirements.

Unlike other security guard company in Los Angeles, our well-trained team aims to make all of California a safer and better place for its residents. We have effective protection solutions for any situation that can potentially harm you or damage your premises. From providing professional, armed security to protecting our clients from fire accidents and evacuations, we are ready for anything.

American Global Security is determined to put our client’s safety above all else. Our security guard services are highly trusted and reliable, which makes us a market-dominating security guard company in Los Angeles, California. AGS will make you and your employees feel safe and protected during days as well as nights because we serve 24/7. We have different approaches for different situations because we know that a single safety solution won’t always be efficient enough to secure your premises. If you want exceptional security guard services in Los Angeles for your domestic and residential security, you can connect to our team now.

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We give you the ability to focus on your family and your business.

As our new client, American Global Security will offer you security guard services along with a complimentary on-site security evaluation. Our security guard services have won the trust of LA, California's residents and we have grown our client base with unbeatable service quality. Our journey has been phenomenal as we have helped so many people feel safe while providing guards in their residential and commercial areas. Get in touch with us to elevate the security of your premises and keep yourself and your loved ones safe and protected.


American Global Security (AGS) is a full-service security guard company in LA providing services using uniformed armed  and  unarmed security officers for residential, retail, industrial, and commercial properties. AGS also offers solutions in implementing additional security measures and processes such as security patrols, loss prevention, fire watch, and executive protection.

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Our focus is based on our client’s needs from our professional security guard services in Los Angeles. We acknowledge that every client has unique needs and requires a unique security plan in place. Our security guards are trained to AGS’s highest standards and will be dedicated to following your unique security processes and protocols. We staff your location with guards who understand the unique requirements of your security concerns and vulnerabilities of your security post location

American Global Security’s mission is to provide excellent  security services throughout California. Our headquarters located in Los Angeles,  Sacramento, and California! We have been in business since 1999, and we have gained many valuable clients across California and have a successful track record, thus maintaining the reputation of being the best security guard company in Los Angeles. We offer custom security solutions that guarantee to meet your requirements. We have served many industries from residential sites to healthcare industries to construction sites and more!

Our experience in a wide range of industries ensures that our clients get the best results. As a trusted and reliable Security Guard Service, we value our clients. We understand in today’s economy that everyone is working on a tight budget. Our rates are competitive and affordable for the best service.


More than 45+ Years in the industry gives us the power to perform every day and every time.

20+ years of experience AGS
45+ Years of Experience

Combined management, field experience, & successful track history, we have over 45+ years of expertise in a variety of security protection services.

state licensed by bsis AGS
State Licensed by BSIS

Our Security Guards are professionally trained with State authorized firearms and essential training to make your choice immediate and hassle-free.

Fully insured and bonded
Fully Insured and Bonded

Each service carries an insurance policy that pays up to $1 Million (3,000,000.00) per occurrence in which it covers property damage, bodily injury, etc.

24.7.365 security services
24/7/365 Security Service

We prioritize satisfying our clients. Our management team and security services in LA are available around the clock to protect you and your properties.

Professional trained guards by AGS
Professional Trained Guards

We provide you with professionally trained, highly qualified, licensed and authorized personnel for your business, community and schools.


American Global Security provides 24/7 security services to a wide range of industries. We have a full range of services to choose from and are equipped to provide a specialized security solution for each industry.

American Global Security can help you overcome any security challenge clearly and efficiently. Unlike other security guard services in Los Angeles, we have well-tailored security solutions for various security-threatening cases that allow us to maintain the security and decorum of the premises. 

You can easily customize any security plan. Get in touch with our security experts and based on the consultancy, we will build an effective and efficient security solution that will ward off or address unwanted troubles.

Give AGS a chance to make you and your loved ones feel safe and protected. We have the right knowledge, skill, and experience to handle even the most complicated or challenging security-threatening situations. 

American Global Security has become the most well-renowned security guard company in Sacramento California. We have built our reputation in the marketplace through our high-quality security solutions and excellent client communication capabilities. Our security guards go through intense security training sessions both in-office and onsite to improve their security skills. We also have different departments for different operations, as well as local offices and dispatch centres in most major cities. This ensures the efficiency and productivity of our service. Get in touch with AGS to start a Free Consultation and Quote at 877-482-7343.


Our experience in a wide range of industries ensures that our clients get the best results.


Our security guard services in LA are available on a “trial basis.” No long term commitment is required! Our security solutions are customized.


American Global Security is fully Insured & Bonded. We carry an insurance policy that pays up to $1.5 Million (3,000,000.00) per occurrence in which it includes property damage, bodily injury, etc.


American Global Security guards have passed a rigorous screening process, background checks, and drug testing, and received complete training.


American Global Security provides professional service your satisfaction. Our work is always done in a timely manner and we are available 24/7 to meet your needs.


American Global Security guards have passed a rigorous screening process, background checks, and drug testing, and received complete training. Learn More


We use PatrolLIVE Service, which sends our security guard’s LIVE location and performance immediately to you. We also believe in communication & 24/7 availability to take your call.


Our staff and security professionals are dedicated to protecting you, your family, your property, and your assets.


We also provide a customized security plan based on your requirements. While we use your requirements, we train our selected guards who will then meet your expectations.

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More than 40+ Years - American Global Security, Inc. has been protecting businesses, employees, local community & loved ones. 

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