Fire Watch

Fire Watch Protocols for High-Rise Buildings with AGS


High-rise buildings pose unique challenges when it comes to fire safety, making it crucial to implement proactive fire watch protocols. At American Global Security, Inc., our primary focus is safeguarding lives and property in these structures. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the critical fire watch procedures specifically tailored for high-rise buildings.

Comprehensive Site Assessment for Enhanced Safety

Before commencing fire watch duties, our diligent security guards at American Global Security, Inc. conduct thorough site assessments in collaboration with building management and fire safety experts. This evaluation identifies potential fire hazards and assesses the effectiveness of existing fire prevention systems. Based on the building’s size and occupancy, we determine the optimal number of fire watch personnel required.

Continuous Vigilance through Regular Patrols

At American Global Security, Inc., our fire watch guards maintain unwavering vigilance by conducting continuous patrols throughout the premises. No area is left unchecked, and special attention is given to spaces with a higher fire risk, such as kitchens, electrical rooms, storage areas, and mechanical spaces. Regular and thorough patrols ensure early detection of any fire-related issues, allowing for swift responses.

Effective Communication and Alarm Systems

Our highly trained fire watch guards at American Global Security, Inc. are well-versed in the building’s communication and alarm systems. They know how to operate fire alarms, communicate effectively with building occupants and authorities, and provide clear instructions during evacuation procedures. Efficient communication plays a vital role in avoiding panic and ensuring a coordinated response.

Training and Emergency Drills for Optimal Preparedness

Prior to commencing their fire watch duties, our guards at American Global Security, Inc. receive specialized training in fire safety, prevention, and emergency response protocols. We conduct regular emergency drills involving both guards and building occupants to practice evacuation procedures and enhance preparedness for potential fire events.

Seamless Coordination with Fire watch Departments

Our fire watch guards at American Global Security, Inc. establish strong relationships with local fire departments and emergency responders. Building management provides them with essential information about the building’s layout, utility shutoffs, and potential hazards, ensuring firefighters have accurate data during emergencies.

Inspection and Maintenance of Fire Safety Equipment

As part of their duties, our fire watch guards at American Global Security, Inc. inspect and ensure the proper functioning of fire safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, and exit signs. Any malfunctioning equipment is promptly reported for repairs.

Educating Occupants for Preventive Measures

Our proactive approach to fire prevention at American Global Security, Inc. includes educating building occupants about fire safety best practices, the location of fire exits, assembly points, and the importance of promptly reporting any fire-related concerns.


In conclusion, at American Global Security, Inc., we tailor our fire watch protocols to address the unique challenges of high-rise buildings, ensuring the safety of occupants and the protection of valuable property. Through comprehensive site assessments, continuous vigilance, effective communication, and collaboration with emergency responders, our security guard company plays a pivotal role in mitigating fire risks and upholding the security of these iconic structures.

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