What can you expect from AGS’ services?


American Global Security has provided an exceptional service for 30 years, always keeping the company’s values as our fundamental guide.

You can not only expect professionalism, but also a capable, honest, trustful and committed team who will take care of you anytime you need.

The number one reason to keep working hard is you. That is why we give you this:

  • Personalized service, excellent outcomes and great results.
  • Risk and vulnerability assessment.
  • Valuable insights and customized solutions.
  • Dedication to each security location. 
  • Highly trained security guards.
  • Professional office management and staff.

We understand that protecting your families, belongings, and business is your priority.

You can be assured you will have an amazing team ready to accomplish all your requirements.

Here at AGS, we want to work for hand and hand with you, design for you an effective security plan and avoid any criminal activity.

The only thing you need to worry about is spending time with your loved ones, we will take care of the rest.

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