AGS supports you with security patrol services!

AGS supports you with security patrol services!

American Global Security looks to provide customized patrol services for each of our customers for residential, retail, industrial and commercial properties.

Our focus is based on our client’s needs, that is why we offer customized patrol inspections because we know each client has its own requirements and AGS wants to fulfill them.

You can expect from our patrol officers outstanding work, a highly trained professional group who might:

  • Lock and unlock property.
  • Check doors.
  • Check fire hazards.  
  • Look over open windows.
  • Look over property damage.
  • And any requirement that the client asks for.

Our company counts on 30 years of experience and more than 500 clients served the best way possible.

Patrol Officers’ Responsibilities

  • WARN
  • REPORT    

We have provided our professionalism and trustful work for over 30 years and this does make us the largest security patrol force in California.

Our #1 priority is serving you.

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