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WHY you should consider Restaurant Security Guard?

Restaurants are supposed to be places where many individuals present to enjoy their meal, have a chat, relax, and go out peacefully. Some restaurants are open around the clock, and others serve within a specific period (eg. 11.00AM to 11.00PM). Regardless of the time they are open, every restaurant deserves a decent restaurant security guard so that the diners are undisturbed during their stay. To assure customers’ safety, the management or owner of the restaurant should seek the assistance of professional restaurant security services.

Customers who approach restaurants often come in their own vehicles, and they should be able to park them without any hassle. After parking, the security of cars should be assured. Otherwise, the diners will not have peace of mind to enjoy their meal. In both of those cases, a professionally trained restaurant security guard can be of immense assistance. They can keep the parking lot of the restaurant well-organized (unobstructed) as well as well-secured.

Restaurants are often approached by homeless unless there is a uniformed security guard (or guards). Homeless individuals can necessarily become a burden for diners who expect a calm and peaceful environment while they are dining. Also, homeless people can ruin the impression of the restaurant. So, to keep those homeless individuals away, the management should hire AGS professional restaurant security services.

Although restaurants are meant to be calm and peaceful environments, things can go wrong if there is no protection from theft and vandalism. Often, guests carry valuables to restaurants and some of the diners wear expensive pieces. So, there shouldn’t be any room for thieves or robbers to get into the restaurants and create unpleasant scenarios. The presence of armed, uniformed guards can create an unfavorable sight for robbers and thieves, and that is another strong reason why restaurants need professional restaurant security guard.


One of the most simple advantages you can expect from a restaurant security guard is access control. Professionally trained restaurant security guards can let only selected people in and keep the restaurant a hazard-free place for diners.

In certain instances, some unpleasant situations like a verbal or physical conflict between diners can take place. AGS restaurant security services can deter such circumstances. Having trained security guards in a restaurant environment helps to improve the reputation of the restaurant. Customers will prefer dining in a well-protected restaurant than risking their precious moments.

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American Global Security’s Security Guards are exceptionally productive in fulfilling their responsibilities in restaurants.

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“American Global Security Services gave me so much peace of mind. They were able to secure my office building efficiently and professionally. Once I gave them the call, the Customer care services were so helpful in making sure I ordered the security detail I needed.They were so easy to work with and I would definitely recommend them to others looking to secure their workplaces and Homes as well.”

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    Secure a safe environment and surroundings.

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    Fire Watch

    Identify fire hazards and watch for fire in locations at high risk.

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    Protect and deter criminal activities and prevent theft.

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    Maintain, patrol and protect a larger property or area.

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    Monitor and protect property, employees or clients.


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    We, American Global Security, are a well-reputable restaurant security service provider with many years of experience in the industry. Our trained guards are well-disciplined and experienced so they can comply with a sensitive and dynamic environment like a restaurant. Our guards will keep all the security troubles away from your prestigious restaurant and help to make it a better place for diners of all the types. Our guards can offer 24/7 security on your restaurant so even during the closed hours, it is under the watch of true professionals.

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    American Global Security guards have passed a rigorous screening process, background checks, and drug testing, and received complete training.


    American Global Security is fully Insured & Bonded. We carry an insurance policy that pays up to $1.5 Million (3,000,000.00) per occurrence in which it includes property damage, bodily injury, etc.


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