American Global Security gives back to our community!


Here at AGS, our team focuses on a few key approaches to security services; vigilance, helpfulness, and communication to name a few. But we also focus on ways to give back to the communities that we live in and work in, with outstanding services.

We do this by providing security services at a discounted rate to non-profit organizations and locations like homeless centers.

Some of the clients we provide our security services to in Southern California are Sierra Pregnancy and Health clinic, Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), and Hollywood Community Housing Corporation.



Several of our proudest security contracts have been with non-profit housing groups such as Yolo County Public Housing. Here, we provided fixed post security guards at the entrance to the main administrative building/housing office.

Guards not only patrolled the perimeter of this and several adjacent buildings on foot, but there was also a coordinated effort from our vehicle patrol division security to cover all of the various housing complexes nearby.

This contract lasted several years, and was only ended due to the Yolo County office deciding to handle the security in-house to further cut costs.

But the account manager who was overseeing this location was more than happy to help develop lasting security protocols and patrol routes which would remain in place even after AGS was no loner involved.

One of our guards there was also onboarded as the full-time security supervisor for the Public Housing office, a career opportunity which AGS actively encouraged. 

Hollywood Community Housing Corporation is a fantastic non-profit that has been around since 1989. They transform communities by creating affordable housing, while at the same time offering various security services and access to resources that improve the quality of life for residents.  

American Global Security salutes and admires their dedication to the communities and company they serve and, in that spirit have provided best in class security services at rates that are at or below cost.

We are proud to do this in order to make sure these communities are safer and more secure.  

As a minority owned company, we know how vital it is for people to have an affordable, safe place to live and grow. We believe in the power of people helping people and want to assist in that vision.

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Homeless Response Centers and Shelters help not just our communities, but can give the disenfranchised a second chance at a healthy, productive life, and they have security needs that we should cover.

Our newest contract is with a San Diego Homeless Response Center with security needs that wanted new solutions, and is a point of great pride for our firm.

Multiple guards providing entrance/exit control, patrolling the interior and exterior of the building and parking lot on foot, and de-escalating situations through non-violent means, among other solutions are the focal points of this project. 


If you are or know of a non-profit that needs these services, professional officers or patrols to help, you can make their mission easier by reaching out to one of experts in business development. One of our excellent and professional sales team will assist you so you can find the best and most professional security services for your jobsite and provide the information you need for free.

Give us a call today for a free consultation and free guidance, we customized it for every client in order to give the protection they’re expecting and they need for their company.

If you need solutions, we’re the right choice to cover those needs, no matter the industry or the size of the business, contact us today, we’re the leaders in providing high-quality services for each client and we’re beyond happy to count on new ones!

American Global Security will keep covering the clients’ needs in all of the State of California, our team’s waiting for your call, let’s start improving the security of your business.

Professional standing officers, vehicle patrol guard service, and fire watch are the usual services that our team deploys at locations designated for this industry: homeless population assistance. Through our time working at these locations, AGS has developed its “Community Outreach” Training program.

This training program encompasses guard interactions with the homeless, learning how to be courteous yet firm, as well as helpful interactions with every member of the general public.

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