Happy Halloween from the AGS Team to you!


Have you or your staff reported hearing strange noises, objects going missing, or doors left open overnight?! While you may be convinced it is the ghosts and ghouls of the Halloween season, it’s more likely to be thieves attempting to steal your assets and vandalize your property!


Holiday weekends are usually a time when people and businesses have their guard down, as plans for festivities and travel become everyone’s focus. This is the perfect time for organized thieves to strike. If you are a construction company, or are managing a construction site, these holiday weekends are the most vulnerable. This is where AGS security services come in to play. Our overnight foot patrol services at your construction site will safeguard your equipment and raw material assets. 



Theft has become a multi-billion-dollar source of lost profit for the various construction industries in the U.S.  as thieves have set their sights not just on materials, but on equipment too. They are now running surveillance operations to determine when a site is the most vulnerable. Thieves can disable alarm systems, activate equipment, and leave a site before the authorities even arrive. 

AGS security guards act as a deterrent for your site to be targeted, as well as a rapid response unit to react to a break in or theft which is occurring. Armed security provides a heavy security presence, although we have found that unarmed can be just as effective.

The black market for this construction equipment is flourishing, hence the growing threat of theft at these vulnerable sites and the growing need for security services.


Projects that have reached the stage at which various subcontractors are working on the building tend to be the hardest hit because they are expensive to fence off and difficult to patrol. But AGS vehicle and foot patrol are active, and well documented in their success at preventing and reacting to crime.

Our reporting system gives clients access to a series of daily and incident reports, as well as summaries of various hotspots and logs of the individual hit checkpoints. Patrol routes are customizable, which has an advantage over simple fencing in developing the strength of a secure perimeter. Focusing on hot spots is the proactive approach that many clients chose to follow.   

A new Crime Prevention Program developed by southern California PD is working to educate contractors about how to deter criminals and report stolen construction gear. Private security firms do come with a price tag, but the cost of doing business with AGS is far below the potential costs of stolen equipment.

Because the heaviest construction equipment fetches upward of $1 million, some contractors have installed specially made GPS transmitters and LoJack-style recovery systems — even on compressors and generators. Closed-circuit cameras, fencing and security guards are the more proactive approach which American Global Security recommends!

Remember that when your equipment and materials go missing, its not the ghost and ghouls of Halloween, it’s the thieves that AGS tried to warn you of! Have a happy and safe Halloween! 

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