Corona Security Guard Services


The first half of the year 2023 has progressed rapidly, with significant changes happening on a national and local level which affect our industry in California. On a national scale, we have seen increases to the overall level of unrest in the population as gun violence and crime continue to manifest around us.

On the local level, new laws have been passed in California which further de-incentivize or prohibit police action to certain common crimes. Just this year alone, several changes have been made which are making security guards more and more important. Police will not be holding shoplifting offenders for even one night when they steal less than $1,000, and employees are no longer need to intervene in the attempts of a shoplifter, or can face repercussing themselves.

These legal changes make our security services industry increasingly important to Cities, businesses, and communities. Deterrence through active security guards is the best way to combat theft, robberies, and attempted assaults.


AGS understands the importance of security and offers a range of services to meet your needs. The role of a security guard is to observe and report, to deter and assist. While these may seem like simple tasks, the complexities of our industry require expertise.

Having someone capable, trained, and connected to emergency/community resources working in a constant state of vigilance at your location gives unique peace of mind and security protection. American Global Security guards are the respect commanding presence you need at your business, private, or public location to make sure things are as safe as possible. You should choose Unarmed or armed at your discretion, with each having some pros and cons.

Picking the best security company as your services provider is a challenging task. Large companies which operate on a national level have the approach of quantity over quality. These companies hire less qualified individual guards and their success hinges mostly on their technical capabilities and long list of refences and past clients.

On the other hand, small companies have limited resources and less technology at their disposal, and might seek to cut corners and reduce costs in other ways. At AGS, we have the strengths of both sides with less of the weaknesses.   


American Global Security is the ideal choice to address the changing times. We have an impressive client list, while still retaining that level of attention to detail that only a certified small business can provide. We keep expanding our list of references, while not forgetting our smaller clients and those who helped us grow and reach where we are today. Because of our smaller status, reputation is very important to us and we always hire from the best or train up our guards to perform at their maximum level.

Our technology rivals the bigger firms that operate in our space, and our 24/7 Dispatch Center ensures customer service that you just can’t find with smaller firms. We have invested a great deal into our own infrastructure and processes because we believe in our mission and strive for success.

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