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In an era where social progress and environmental consciousness are gaining momentum, it is essential for every industry to evolve and adapt. The security services industry, traditionally known for its focus on safety and protection, is no exception.

As we move towards a more inclusive and sustainable future, American Global Security has chosen to embrace diversity and sustainability in CA.



Diversity encompasses a broad range of attributes such as gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, and more. In the security services industry, embracing diversity means creating an inclusive workforce that reflects the communities it serves.

Enhanced problem-solving: Diverse teams bring together a multitude of perspectives and experiences, leading to more innovative solutions. In a complex and rapidly evolving security landscape, diverse teams can offer a broader range of insights, helping to anticipate and address emerging challenges.

Cultural competence: Security services operate in diverse communities with unique cultural nuances. By having a diverse workforce, companies can better understand and respond to the needs and sensitivities of the populations they serve.

This cultural competence builds trust and fosters positive relationships with clients and the wider community. AGS executes on this by assigning bi-lingual guards to the appropriate corresponding areas where that language is more prevalent. 

Expanded talent pool: Embracing diversity opens doors to a wider talent pool. By actively recruiting from underrepresented groups, the security services industry can tap into the skills and potential of individuals who may have been overlooked in the past. This not only promotes social equity but also enhances the industry’s capabilities and competitiveness. AGS executes on this initiative by working directly with several local job fairs who target immigrant communities.


Sustainability involves operating in a manner that meets present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. For the security services industry, integrating sustainability practices is vital for both environmental and economic reasons.

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Environmental responsibility: Security services have a significant environmental footprint through energy consumption, waste generation, and transportation. By adopting sustainable practices, such as energy-efficient technologies through hybrid and electric vehicles, waste reduction strategies like recycling duty belts and foul weather gear, and using fully digital reporting systems, AGS is contributing to a greener future.

Cost savings: Sustainability and cost savings often go hand in hand. Implementing energy-saving measures, reducing paper usage, and adopting environmentally friendly practices has led to a reduction in costs for our vehicles and equipment. These savings can be reinvested in employee training, technological advancements, and improved services like a larger Dispatch Team.

Positive brand image: In today’s socially conscious society, consumers and clients are increasingly drawn to businesses that prioritize sustainability. By embracing sustainable practices, American Global Security has enhanced our brand reputation, attracted new environmentally aware clients, and created a positive public perception.

By embracing diversity and sustainability, American Global Security can adapt to the evolving needs of the society we serve. Through a diverse workforce and sustainable practices, we are fostering innovation, building trust, attracting top talent, and contributing to a more equitable and environmentally conscious world. Embracing diversity and sustainability is not only the right thing to do, but it is also a strategic move that ensures long-term success in a rapidly changing business landscape.

American Global Security invites everyone involved in the security services industry to work together in creating a safer, more inclusive, and sustainable future for all. Contact now!

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