Car dealership security


In fact, thousands of cars remain on the lot waiting for someone who buys them, making them incredibly congested.

A thief would most likely want to rob from an empty lot because it is a convenient and tempting target.

That is why car dealers have an incentive to have guards hired at their lot so as to keep their valuable and expensive vehicles secure.

But… How can a business owner find an adequate security guard?

It’s important to pick carefully since some of them have no track record of experience.

This means that if an injury happens when a hired security guard is at the workplace, he/she can be held responsible for any accidents or property loss sustained as a result of his employment.

One conventional security guard on the ground, clearly, cannot effectively protect car dealership lots.

Apart from thefts, vandalism is another unpleasant situation that can take place in auto dealerships. The damages to cars can be costly.

American Global Security has a squad of specialized officers who are continuously watching the premises in real-time through various HD video streams and on foot.  

Our guards can ensure the protection of people in addition to their physical properties. In a nutshell, getting our technical assistance will help you protect your car dealership.

At AGS, our management and security offices have approved and insured security services that are tailored to the needs of your specific worksite. We provide security services 24 hours a day,

7 days a week, if you need unarmed or armed guards at your home or company.


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