Fire security for your business!


Businesses are often subject to devastating fires that can cause big losses, and even take innocent lives. That is why we need to take the precautions needed to prevent it.                               

Fire hazards are everywhere, so the first recommendation is to hire a Fire Watch. This ensures that you will have a team that is able to prevent fires.

A group of professionals is ideal in these cases because they have the knowledge and tools to handle and avoid fire hazards and their consequences.

Also, keep a security plan!  It is necessary that you come up with a plan, plus the needed precautions to be taken, and also show it to your employees so they are aware of the dangers.

For the security plan you need to identify all the risks, and everything your company may be exposed to, then you will start elaborating the preventive measures.


  • Perform preventive maintenance.
  • Signpost in areas where smoking is prohibited.
  • Keep fuel tanks in secluded places.
  • Protect and isolate facility wiring.
  • Put up safety signs, this way you can keep your customers away from combustible materials.
  • Put a fire extinguishing system in place.
  • Create an evacuation plan in case a fire happens.

When we talk about a fire, it is necessary to act fast, and have a quick answer! That is why you should consider this list of important things to help you out.

American Global Security only wants the best for you and also offers you a reliable Fire Watch that will protect you from any damage or loss.

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