Identify suspicious situations in time!


You should be asking yourself “Is it possible to identify a suspicious person or situation?” The answer is yes! And it is essential. You can avoid a lot of risky situations this way.                                                 

You should know all the warning signs if you want to identify suspicious activity.

Here in American Global Security, we will share the warning signs that will help you!

The thief, rarely, wants to expose him/herself. That is why they always go for the clueless people, the ones that are not paying attention or get distracted easily.

Therefore you should be alert to everything around you.    

Follow your instincts and if you don’t feel comfortable, get away from there. 


  • Someone passes through a block repeatedly on foot or in vehicles.
  • People walking down the street checking door to door trying to open them
  • Look at people around you, usually, they seem nervous and keep their hands inside their pockets.
  • If you see strangers around your house that you have never seen before, be alert.     

Remember, prevention is the best weapon to reduce criminal activities. When you are on the street, watch your back.

Don’t walk home alone, most of all at night. Criminals are more likely to try to attack in the dark of night.

AGS wants to keep you safe by giving you this advice, you should read it carefully and be ready for these situations. Don’t wait until someone hurts you, or even worse.

AGS supports you with security patrol services!

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