Fire Watch service at American Global Security


Fire watch is becoming one of our most popular services. American Global Security provides commercial fire watch at several locations throughout California, including several landfills and constructions sites.

We do not provide installation of sprinkler systems, however our staff assigned to Fire Watch projects do receive special training which gives them a good knowledge level of fire suppression systems, how to check for maintenances issues, and how to deal with fire related emergencies.

It’s not just commercial properties that require these services, often times residential properties ask for them too. Our unarmed security guards are crucial to adding to the safety levels of a home or business in this way.

They are trained to spot fires and on how to sound the alarm and respond if they see one. They also know the signals that could indicate a fire related emergency situation is about to get worse, and how to prevent it from escalating further.


American Global Security Unarmed Fire Watch guards are trained to detect fires, identify potential fire hazards on construction sites and in buildings, and on how to keep the building secure when your fire system fails. Our fire watch security guard service will add another layer of protection to your home or business.

Our fire watch guards patrol the property on foot or with a marked AGS patrol car to ensure that any potential hazards are minimized. They keep a fire watch checklist with them at all times.

If a fire is detected, the guard will immediately notify the local fire department and then oversee the evacuation in the meantime. We should make it clear that unarmed Fire Watch security guards also patrol your facility’s premises and act in much the same operating capacity as our other guards.

For any additional security needs, these guards can be relied on and trusted to assist with them. Our unarmed guards will monitor your facility’s surveillance systems, patrol and report on property, and report on suspicious activity while notifying the local authorities. We are also in charge of inspecting fire vulnerable work areas and potentially mitigating any loss due to incidents. Professional fire watch guards are the first priority of any business when you’re fire alert system malfunctions!


At American Global Security, we train our guards to be highly professional in order to ensure maximum safety and prevent the fire marshal from shutting your business down. Our armed and unarmed security guards are constantly on the lookout to prevent crime, vandalism and theft of equipment. We follow all safety protocols and go through specific procedures.

We are also trained to conduct regular patrols, research local fire departments, and keep a safety log for the premises. Our top priority is always safety and security in the event of an emergency, and our security guards are also trained to use extinguishers and other fire prevention equipment.

To learn more about our guards, call or email our business development specialists.  

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