Fall in Love with American Global Security Services           

Fall in Love with American Global Security Services           

With Valentine’s Day coming up, everyone’s minds are collectively focused on love; but what should yours be focused on? SECURITY.

Holidays always tend to draw more security breaches. While you may not associate Valentine’s Day with large crowds and the chaos of other winter Holidays, there is one thing which you may not have taken into account. Shoplifting surges during the early days of February, as those desperate individuals who still have someone to impress attempt to secure a last-minute love gift. What could deter this spike in shoplifting you may ask? AGS unarmed security guards! One of the best aspects of security guard services is the deterrence of crime from happening in the first place. Although we usually recommend unarmed guards, they are still an excellent way to increase your levels of security.      

Customer Service Team at American Global Security

Feel Safe, Secure, and fall in love with our Customer Service

American Global Security customer service is industry leading. While other private security firms claim to have your back with a 24/7 Dispatch Center, we actually have one! Our Dispatch Center is staffed with people who literally have the job to care about you. They want our security services to make your business run as smooth as possible. Having a good team at your back, and our guards having that support as well just makes everyone more confident in the job they are doing.  Our Dispatch Center is just one of the reasons we have the best customer service of any private security firm in California.    

If you didn’t get a date for Valentine’s Day, that’s ok! Our 24/7 Dispatch Center is always available to speak to you about all aspects of our security services, you’ll fall in love with them.  

24/7 Customer Support from American Global Security

Bonus: Here are some helpful Safety tips for Valentine’s Day

  • Lock up Your Doors and Windows! (Or Hire AGS vehicle patrol to perform end of day lock up duties).
  • Leave the Lights on in your business overnight (It’s ok if you had a break up recently, at least you won’t have a break in!)
  • Keep valuables up front (It seems counter intuitive but break-ins are less likely when they conduct robbery in a more visible place).
  • Keep flammable objects away from fires, and blow out all your candles (While AGS Fire Watch is highly effective at preventing or reacting to fires, we cannot be everywhere on a given night).
  • Don’t announce your plans to vacate a property too far in advance (unless you hire AGS vehicle patrol to stop by your home or business).


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