Staff Spotlight: Entry Level Security Guard in Sacramento   

Importance of Security Guards

In a state where security has become vital to the success of our environments, a private patrol operator is only as good as their individual guards. These guards can be supported with various resources but ultimately the human element must be sound for the security service to be successful.

That’s why we want to build transparency and give the spotlight to our state capital of Sacramento, were American Global Security was lucky enough to have a security guard exceed expectations at his post and set a remarkable example for both his peers and the community alike. The name of the security guard and of our client have both been withheld for privacy and safety reasons.    

The First Line of Defense

Every day, countless individuals pass through the doors of the job site under our security protection in downtown Sacramento. However, on a seemingly ordinary Tuesday morning, one of our AGS guards (who we will refer to as Jason) had his diligence put to the test. A suspicious-looking individual attempted unauthorized entry, but Jason’s keen eye and quick judgment led him to take immediate action.

Approaching the individual calmly and professionally, our security guard engaged in a polite conversation, subtly gathering information while ensuring the safety of everyone in the vicinity. He was trained to do this through one of our most common training modules. Jason’s calm demeanor and astute observation revealed inconsistencies in the individual’s story, prompting him to discreetly notify the building’s management. When the individual refused to vacate the premises, Jason was wise to ping our dispatch center and have the contact local PD.

Going Above and Beyond

What followed was a seamless orchestration of security measures that revealed Jason’s dedication to his role as a security guard with American Global Security. While awaiting the authorities, Jason discreetly observed the individual’s behavior and appearance, providing crucial information that helped law enforcement apprehend the person later. The individual became agitated when he was denied entry. Shortly afterwards he became aggressive. Using more of the skills he learned in his American Global Security training; Jason was able to de-escalate the situation with non-violent means. Despite having a security baton equipped to his duty belt, he used his words and his presence to diffuse the situation from becoming more violent. Jason’s ability to remain composed under pressure and act decisively showcased his commitment to upholding safety and security on behalf of our private security company.

A Beacon of Professionalism

Beyond his decisive action, Jason’s professionalism shone brightly. He maintained open communication with the building’s occupants, keeping them informed about the situation while alleviating any concerns. This transparency helped create a sense of unity and trust within the staff and visitors at the downtown Sacramento jobsite.

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Jason’s dedication extended beyond merely serving his shift hours as an entry level security guard. He willingly cooperated with law enforcement after the incident, providing valuable insights that aided their investigation. His exemplary conduct resonated with colleagues and supervisors, inspiring others to raise their own standards of performance.

Recognition and Reflection

Jason’s commendable performance did not go unnoticed. The building’s management, impressed by his actions, publicly acknowledged his contribution to maintaining a safe environment. His peers, too, expressed admiration for his bravery and commitment. Naturally after all this, we recommended him for a reward and recognition level through our Retention Program.

When asked about his actions, Jason remained modest. “I’m just doing my job,” he said, emphasizing that the safety and well-being of those he protects are his utmost priorities as a security guard working with American Global Security.

A Lesson in Heroism

Jason’s story serves as a testament to the fact that heroism transcends capes and superpowers. Heroism is a commitment to one’s duty, a steadfast dedication to the safety and security of your community, and an unwavering adherence to the principles of your organization. 

As we go about our lives, let’s remember that heroes like Jason exist in the background, ensuring that our world remains a safe and secure place. Sometimes their actions will directly protect us, other times we must be inspired by their actions to do the right thing, even when it is not the easy thing.

Next time you walk past a security guard at your workplace or any establishment, take a moment to acknowledge their presence. Behind the uniform stands a potential hero like Jason, ready to go above and beyond to ensure our safety.

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