The training process of our new hires!

The training process of our new hires!

American Global Security has many years of experience; hence, we take caregiving outstanding service to all our loyal clients, therefore, we work hard on the training program of all our guards.

We are well-trained in designing, implementing, and applicating a professional solution that fits your needs and helps you reach your objectives.

We support our employee’s abilities and development and we ensure that they can do their job in an efficient way. 

We invest in their education so they can accomplish all the customer’s requirements.

Our teams are prepared by our field supervisors and they go through a rigorous training program. They are highly qualified to protect you. Our officers also meet the standards set by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

What does our training process consist of?         

  1. Emergency preparedness
  2. Access Control
  3. Harassment prevention
  4. Anti-terrorism technique
  5. Emergency Evacuation
  6. In-Depth Public Relations
  7. Crowd Control
  8. Complete Apprehension and Arrest Procedures 
  9. Specific Training of Verbal De-escalation Techniques
  10. Personal Hygiene
  11. Surveillance Techniques
  12. Workplace Safety Protocol
training process

American Global Security is committed to ensuring your security, safety, and a good environment. We put a team at your disposition you can trust.

Dear reader, we want to be your perfect partner.

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