What are the Three Core Tenants of American Global Security?



The core tenants of American Global Security, Inc. are vigilance, helpfulness, and integrity. These are not simply buzzwords; these ideas define our approach to providing industry leading security services. Our security guards are instilled with these three tenants during training. The long-term success of individual personnel is defined by how well they can integrate the tenants into the security services they provide to clients daily.

Security Guards


Vigilance guides how AGS security guards observe and report, as well as their efforts to deter crime. A security guard’s primary duty is to be vigilant of their surroundings, to look for any sign of suspicious activity, behavior, or discrepancies in the property that are a result of maintenance issues or break-ins.

We do not approve of guard’s who let their mind focus on things other than what is happening or about to happen at their job-site.

Vigilance also affects our approach to deterring crime. Whether it be through foot patrols or vehicle patrols, the more vigilant and active our security guards are at a property, the greater the deterrence against any criminal activity.

Visibility and vigilance through patrolling, observing, and reporting are the name of the game when it comes to preventing crime at client job sites.   


Helpfulness guides how we run our security protocols and respond to emergencies. One of the ways our fixed post security guards interact with their job sites is through access control. Controlling who enters the building or premises, assigning them a visitor ID or scanning their credentials establishes a record of who entered the site and when.

Access control also extends to ensuring that our officers secure the proper doors, windows, gates, and equipment lockers at the end of the day, and vice versa.

Our security guards work in cooperation with staff on-site to follow security protocols, help with tasks when applicable, and we encourage them to be helpful in any manner.

This idea that our security guards should respond to the needs of the client and the needs of the site also extends to emergency prepared and emergency response. First Aid is part of AGS officers training, they will always know where things like a First Aid Kit are on site, and will also be well versed in a site’s evacuation procedure.

A great private security firm like AGS will lead the efforts of any site evacuation or natural disaster emergency response. Fires, medical emergencies, bomb threats, and active shooter scenarios are all situations where an effective security guard will be most helpful to anyone on site. 


Integrity guides how we write reports, and stay accountable when billing clients. Documenting everything that happens while our officers are on the job is one of our top priorities as a private firm.

You can make the Daily reports and incident reports through our in-house reporting tool, AGSTrac. This is a great option for clients, as they can log in to a client portal and view these reports whenever they want, along with several pages of helpful data and security related analytics.

Our invoicing system is also a great source of accountability for our services firm. Our guards clock-in using an app called TEXpress.

Not only does this app have geo-fencing to ensure AGS guards are on site at time of clock-in, but it generates a list of hours which our accounting team then uses to directly invoice our clients with. 

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