What do you do when the Fire Marshall orders Fire Watch


Having access to 24 hour emergency fire watch is vital for any hotel, campus, school, retail store, factory, or apartment building that is susceptible to the threat of fire damage at any time.

Executives need to hire a fire watches when the Fire Marshall orders it to best protect people, equipment and buildings from the dangerous effects of fire.

Our team of experienced fire watch guards is attentive, skilled officers whose mission is to protect any given property or area that has experienced a fire alarm breakage or malfunction.

In order to be compliant with the Fire Marshall, a business, commercial structure or hotel must hire fire watch services to keep an eye on the premises in order to protect the inhabitants from the possibility of fire and to ensure that 911 is dispatched immediately in the case of fire.

Our team of fire officers set stringent routines that allow them to identify any potential fire threats and eliminate them immediately. These on-site watch guards look for any areas that pose a potential threat and keep a close eye on them so that dangers can be addressed immediately.

We keep detailed logs and ensure that you and your business remain compliant with all local fire regulations and codes. Additionally, we work with the Fire Marshall to ensure that the property is as well prepared and safe as it can be when it comes to fire protection.


If your business is experiencing a fire alarm malfunction or breakdown, most local ordinances require you to hire a fire watch company to watch over the premises while the alarm system gets fixed. Failure to hire fire watch services and comply with the Fire Marshall can result in massive fines and even a business shutdown.

Local Fire Marshall take hiring fire watch very seriously, and rightfully so. Fire watch officers help to secure the property, identify risk areas and ensure that any issues or dangers are addressed right away.

This service allows you as the business owner to rest assured that your property and assets are protected from the dangerous and devastating effects of a fire.

With professional fire watch officers on the scene, fires can be caught before they get out of hand so that damage can be diminished, lives can be saved, and property can be spared from complete destruction. If a fire is allowed to burn without immediate action, severe damages can ensue.


A team of skilled and experienced fire watch officers can offer the following to your business: 

-Identification of potential hazards

-Fire alarm malfunction prevention

-Identify and address fires before they get out of hand

-Call 911 as soon as possible to avoid costly damages and save lives

If your property is experiencing fire alarm malfunction or breakdown and the Fire Marshall orders fire watch, you can trust our team of experts to help protect your assets and keep you compliant with local fire regulations.

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