4 Qualities of Top Security Professionals


Recruiting and hiring Security Professionals entails an entirely different process from hiring other employees. Security Professionals must be highly trained, unending diligent, trustworthy beyond all doubt, and be the proud owners of a winning customer service attitude.

At American Global Security, we have found four qualities in security candidates that translate to a successful long-term career in the industry.


All new candidates undergo our basic training – an essential step in any security career, but only the first of many. Every Security Specialist must be willing to learn from the people around them on a daily basis. Whether it be a new method for surveilling access points or the latest de-escalation technique against a potentially hostile individual, every day should be seen as a learning experience for the future. Security can be a dangerous career, the more a Specialist is willing to learn, the safer and more effective they become.


Every Security Specialist is expected to be punctual and complete their duties in the manner of a consummate professional. If a Specialist is late to post, leaves early, or does not complete rounds, the client is left unprotected. Being on time and constantly alert not only makes the Specialist look like a pro, but ensures customer safety.


Communication is likely the most important quality of any Security Specialist. Specialists must communicate safety information clearly and accurately to clients to ensure the well-being of all personnel in the vicinity of their posts. Additionally, Specialists must be able to communicate with team members through both oral and written means. This skill provides accurate documentation for legal records and ensures every team member has full situational awareness.


A good Security Specialist identifies issues as they occur and deals with them in the manner they were taught. A GREAT Security Specialist is proactive and learns every detail of their site in order to avert potential issues before they escalate. The ability to think critically under stress and employ previous training to safeguard a client minimizes site issues and is integral in maintaining a secure site environment. No matter the problems that arise, a Security Specialist who has mastered critical thinking is a master of their profession

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