AGS Field Supervisors – A Unique Approach to Supervision

AGS Field Supervisors – A Unique Approach to Supervision

Field supervisors

Who are our Field Supervisors?      

Our Regional Field Supervisors are highly trained, experienced field personnel who operate in specific areas. These individuals have multiple job sites and a large number of both armed and unarmed security personnel who they supervise within their area of coverage.

Their services do not come at an extra cost to the client. To be clear, they are at a different level than most if not all on-site supervisors. Think of them more as upper management that has a field presence. They have the experience to train, supervise, and coordinate entire field teams in an as-needed basis.

AGS uses Field Supervisors most often during the initial Transition Period, and to perform periodic check-ins at various job sites. They are a unique aspect of our approach to security services.    

How do they supervise?  

Our Regional Field Supervisors are the units that will implement and execute our Transition Period, as well as monitor quality of deployment (training, appearance, and knowledge) both initial and sustained of our guards in the field. Field Supervisors will conduct frequent and unannounced visits to our unarmed and armed security guards in the field to guarantee their performance.

When AGS does not attach an on-site supervisor to a project, a Regional Field Supervisor will conduct check-ins at least once per week, possibly more. The somewhat random nature of these check-ins keeps AGS security guards on their toes and performing at a higher level.

Field supervisors will review our security guard’s appearance and attire, the quality of their daily activity and incident reports, their awareness and overall demeanor, and their knowledge of Patrol Routes and Post Duties. Hopefully, these reviews will result in a security guard being commended for abiding by our standards of appearance and conduct. However, if our guards fall short of these metrics, they will be reprimanded, re-trained, or replaced at the discretion of our field supervisors.

How do you become a field supervisor?

The staff we choose to become a field supervisor are mostly former AGS security guards that have worked with us for many years, rising through our internal ranks at various jobs sites. Form security guard, to lead guard, to on-site supervisors, there are many levels to working as part of an AGS field team. We find that it is easier to retain high-quality, talented individuals due to our Retention Program.

Look for more information on our Retention Program and other Incentives in the corresponding blog post on this topic! We also hire directly individuals with the right qualifications, often those with either law enforcement, military, or private security experience. Apply today if you think this type of position would suit you and your capabilities!