American Global Security Guard Training is Industry Leading  

American Global Security Guard Training is Industry Leading  

American Global Security Guard Training Program

AGS offers our Security Guard in house Training Programs     

Becoming a security guard in California is relatively straightforward. You must pass a BSIS Training Program which has roughly 40 hours of content to get through. There are multiple sources to receive this training, which are all approved by the BSIS.

These different sources have different standards, with some being likened to academies for security guards and others more akin to fast-track methods. With all these variabilities in guard’s initial training, experience, and skill levels to contend with, AGS understands the value of an effective training program.

Through our training programs, our unarmed and armed guards can have the playing field somewhat leveled between them. And what approach does AGS use (besides hire more experienced guards for more advanced client needs) when it comes to assigning the right guard to the rite job site? Training, training, and more training!     

AGS unarmed guard training is highly customizable, and our programs are designed to get our personnel ready for the job-site they are headed to. Client needs, guard skills, and type of interpersonal interactions can be so different, depending on job site.

AGS uses our Training Unit, comprised of high-level and experienced professionals, to train appropriately. If you have more questions on the type of training you can expect a security guard to have gone through before we assign they to your job site, please contact one of our sales team to inquire about it.

AGS In-house security guard training

American Global Security now offers specialized training for Active Shooter Scenarios     

One of the unfortunate and terrifying possibilities of modern American living is an active shooter scenario. These events often take place at businesses, or in crowded places. These locations are also those which commonly have American Global Security guards there.

Before considering the training of a security guard, and how they would respond to an active shooter, realize that an armed guard offers a much higher level of protection. While an unarmed guard can still respond to emergencies, armed guards offer a level of deterrence that may keep a situation from happening in the first place.

Active shooters often look for soft targets, as in locations with little to no defense. Therefore, having an armed guard on site is an excellent means of both defense and prevention for a shooting to occur at your business, school, or other location.  

American Global Security still train unarmed guards on how to respond to an active shooting, and will know the following: how to handle evacuation, how to maintain their situational awareness during emergencies, what to do when trapped, and how to respond to arriving law enforcement. Besides this, a big part of their training is still prevention.

Even as unarmed guards, they must be vigilant and work towards preventing these types of scenarios by familiarizing themselves with suspicious behaviors, as well as understanding how screening and access control can save lives.