Top Notch Security Guard Services for Grocery Stores

Top Notch Security Guard Services for Grocery Stores

America Global Security personnel offer straightforward protection at your Grocery store!        

In years prior, security at grocery stores was less of a necessity. During the recent pandemic, grocery stores were often filled to capacity, with people still queuing up outside, and parking lots swarming with cars. Many retail establishments found themselves at the center of public concern, as fear and panic shopping swept the nation in anticipation of supply shortages.

The private security guard services industry found itself in yet another moment where supporting our local communities was not only beneficial for us, but for all the people around us. American Global Security was able to capitalize on the situation by supporting several local retail establishments in the Los Angeles area to control the influx of customers, reduce shoplifting rates, patrol storefronts in the evening, and promote greater levels of traffic and pedestrian safety in the parking lots.

AGS did all this while also enforcing social distancing, wearing the proper PPE, and generally promoting a greater level of both customer satisfaction and safety.

Los Angeles retail outlets are accustomed to large crowds, especially on holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday. Grocery stores and other retail establishments see an influx of customers, but during the pandemic the crowds were even more overwhelming.

American Global Security personnel at were assigned to these stored were trained in Crowd Control, and ultimately proved highly effective at providing our security services because of that training. AGS unarmed security guards have intervened in altercations and prevented excess shrink during those trying and difficult times.

AGS unarmed security can prevent Shrink, Vandalism, and Violence

Theft has become more prevalent in recent years as people have become increasingly desperate and opportunistic. However, if you ask the top security guard company in Los Angeles for our outlook on the future, we are staying positive! The best part is, we aren’t just talk, we can prove it with our results through our cost-benefit analysis for our clients. 

Outside of regular business hours, our most cautious and also smartest clients are electing to hire AGS vehicle patrols overnight, or even unarmed standing guards for their parking lots and early morning hours.  Just before operational hours, some locations offer early access to specific customers while also intaking fresh inventory.

This low staffing presence plus reduced focus on individuals makes grocery stores the most vulnerable in the early morning hours. That’s why AGS security services are so important to our clients at different points during the day. 

American Global Security unarmed guards are invaluable in so many ways. AGS security personnel perform a variety of functions that alleviate the pressure on law enforcement and grocery store personnel, such as assisting with crowd control, restricting the number of patrons in a store, providing foot and vehicle patrol, mediating interpersonal issues, and serving as a physical deterrent to the criminal element.

If you’re a grocery store owner looking for security guard services, contact American Global Security today for a free quote!