Reasons to hire unarmed security guards

Reasons to hire unarmed security guards

Thinking armed security is more effective is totally understandable, because they can carry arms and might protect you better. But you must know that actually the unarmed guards are also as efficient as an armed guard can be and there are benefits too.

Here we will tell you the reasons why you should consider hiring an unarmed team of guards for your business or property.

First, if you are facing low security threats, for example: traffic control, entrance access or general surveillance. In those cases, it is not necessary to have someone who carries a weapon, an unarmed guard would be ideal, they can satisfy your necessity of maintaining order in your establishment.

Second! You have tight budget. Generally, this service is at a lower cost compare to others and the effectiveness can be the same. That means you can save money by hiring professional security guards that guarantee you safety.

In third place, you need to minimize responsibilities. Watch your back with the legal themes, counting on a great private security will free you from assuming responsibilities with the clients in case of criminal activities in the store. You protect your property and also give them some peace every time they visit your spot.

And last but not least. You are in a weapon sensitive environment. The presence of firearms, sometimes, might be unsettling for some people, especially if you are involved with kids or you own a place like: library, theater, cinema or a school. With arms it can be more dangerous than secure.

Take the most convenient choice for your business, your clients, families or kids, and be careful with that, weapons are not always the best option to offer security and safety.

We hope this helps you clear your mind, dear reader.

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