Libraries have a security problem


Libraries are an important part of every city and town they’re located in. Not only a place to learn or share knowledge, many provide services such as free internet access, low-cost printing and copying, and some even host their own community events.

Unfortunately, these libraries being open to the public also invite the possibility that people could take these services for granted and overstay their welcome, become disruptive, or act in a detrimental way to the facility, guests, and staff. Not just homeless people, but those breaking the code of conduct in the libraries need to be handled with a professional response. 

American Global security works to provide many libraries and community centers with unarmed security guards to dissuade or limit these previously mentioned issues. Having an unarmed security guard on site is always the best way to deal with the issues a job site may be facing.

Relying on things like cameras, patrols, and other modern devices has proven to be ineffective recently, mostly because people have become emboldened in places like sanctuary cities. What you really need is an American Global Security guard to confront these issues head on and establish a front line between yourself and unsavory elements.   

Library Security Officer


American Global Security guards are trained in a specific Community Outreach program, which gives them the interpersonal skills they need to deal with positive, everyday interactions. Being a successful American Global Security guard is not just about dealing with the negatives! Being able to help a customer out with simple information dissemination with a smile on your face is a point of pride for our security services.

Beyond the typical duties you might expect, guards can also help escort libraries staff to their vehicles at closing time, or really any time they feel unsafe.  End of day lock up duties, with building clearing is also an important part of what our guards should be doing at a library or community center. Our unarmed security guards will also file comprehensive daily and incident reports which will be sent directly to the Librarian in Charge. These, along with helpful security data can be used to make adjustments to daily post orders or security protocols based on concerns or changing trends.

While libraries most commonly acquire security through an official proposal process, please reach out to our expert sales team if you have a site which you feel is similar in nature or could benefit from the services described in this article. They are standing buy to arrange for effective and affordable security services to start at your facility or place of business as soon as possible! Our operations team will ensure that you have the most qualified, best candidate for your location.   

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