Los Angeles needs Security Services


Los Angeles is both a city and a county in Southern California. It is the second most populous city in the United States, and with this massive amount of people comes a lot of problems.

The many challenges Southern California faces include increasing homelessness, certain crimes spiking, and to be frank the intersection of these two factors. The homeless populations living in some of the areas we provide unarmed and armed security services have become emboldened in recent years.

Security Services in Los Angeles

Sanctuary cities have turned into hot spots for crime and other nefarious activity, as homeless individuals have begun to test the limits of what they are allowed to get away with. Because of the changing and challenging landscape of life in Los Angeles, security services are more important than they have ever been.

Municipalities are turning to security firms to shore up the weaknesses in their physical locations. Government sites are using security to protect the outer limits of their property. Corporations and even private residences need security in certain areas just to maintain a sense of decorum and civility on their grounds.

Unarmed standing guards and vehicle patrols are becoming so common that you see as many of us as you do police cars in certain locations.


The primary directive of our unarmed security guards has always been to observe and report. The more vigilant we are, the more effective our services become. Dealing with certain challenges like interactions with homeless individuals needs to be handled professionally and legally. But our specific training on Community Outreach gives our guards an edge in learning on how to deal with everything they may face.

Respect and appreciation for security services is also growing. The comical idea of the mall cop is fading as people everywhere realize that having another set of vigilant eyes and ears, as well as a capable person with specific training you can rely on is more and more important. Even police departments are working directly with and trusting Los Angeles security guard services providers. 

Los Angeles Security Services


Here at American Global Security, Inc. we do not sugar coat the situation to our potential customers. We levy the prospect in our unarmed security services succeeding against the challenges of each site location. By focusing on specific communities in Southern and Northern California, we can hone our skills and provide the best results for our clients.

Don’t wait until you have problems to call us! The best time to get security is before you experience any of the issues that are wreaking havoc on so many of our other clients. Unarmed security at your locations can be the deterrent you didn’t even realize you needed until it becomes an uphill battle. Call AGS today to guarantee a sweeping victory instead!   

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