The Pros and Cons of AGS Security Patrol



American Global Security patrol services take place throughout California every day. Our vehicle patrols are done with the use of an AGS marked patrol cruiser. Security guards on these patrols either work alone, or sometimes in pairs at more remote or dangerous job sites.

On every patrol stop, AGS security guards will drive around the perimeter of a client job site, then disembark form their vehicle to continue the patrol on foot. Not every company has their guards disembark from their patrol vehicle, so make sure you hire a company like AGS if you value that extra care in providing security services.

As our unarmed security guards walk the property on foot, they scan checkpoints placed at key locations to confirm timestamps of when and where they were. These logs, plus routine and daily reports are sent directly to our clients!  


Vehicle patrols are an excellent, cost-effective way to heighten the security presence at your job site, business location, campus, or any important space. When our unarmed guards perform their foot patrol, they not only walk the entire property, they check gates, doors, and windows to make sure they are locked.

We train our AGS guards to observe and report any maintenance issues or missing assets. They will keep an eye out for suspicious persons loitering or transients camping nearby and report on their findings.

Our unarmed guards receive a number of training sessions that prepare them for patrols, reporting, and responding to a wide range of situations appropriately.  


The weakness in security patrols may be evident to those who have worked in or with the private security industry before. While a property is very safe and secure during the 15-20 minutes an AGS patrol is happening, whenever our guards are not on-site, things can go wrong.

Our patrols happen at random intervals at most sites, unless a client otherwise requests it. The random chance of an AGS unarmed vehicle patrol showing up at any time can negate some of the weakness to our security patrol services. However, crime such as vandalism, trespassing, and theft are very possible in the window between one AGS patrol and the next. A clever or dedicated criminal knows this all to well, and is likely to exploit the one major weakness of the patrol structure.  


The best solution to avoiding the weakness of unarmed security patrols is to hire a full time AGS security guard to remain on site. With an unarmed security guard at your property, the overall security presence reaches a much greater level. We price our services reasonably, and we will attempt to price match other private security firms who may not even have our level of customer service and attention to detail.

Different approaches to your unique scope of work are possible, such as keeping a marked patrol vehicle on site overnight, giving our guard access to a motorized scooter or golf cart to patrol a large property, or supplementing our unarmed standing guards with vehicle patrol stops in the off hours they are not there. AGS wants to work with you to establish the best security services for your location and budget.

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