Why Car Dealerships Need Security           

Why Car Dealerships Need Security           

Car Dealerships are becoming a hotspot for theft and vandalism. Having so many exposed, expensive assets in one place make these locations a prime target, especially when higher end vehicles are stored there. 

Recently, a Ferrari dealership in Los Angeles had eight total vehicles stolen from the property. The total value of this theft was well above several million dollars. While the location did have ample security in the form of lights, cameras, and locked doors, the one thing they did not have was a security guard on-site! 

Having an unarmed security guard on site is a complete game changer in terms of response times and situational awareness. They will be looking in the camera blind spots, and otherwise acting as a powerful deterrent from crime or vandalism.

Security services are becoming essential at many locations in California. Just look around you, every shopping mall, large plaza parking lot, and government building either has or is acquiring security guards, patrol response, or mobile surveillance.   

Physical Guards are the Ultimate Deterrence at Car dealerships 

Something that many people business owners are slowly coming to realize is the ingenuity of criminals in our modern society. These unsavory individuals understand the patterns and vulnerabilities to security measures like cameras, lights, and locks. They also often have direct connections to the place of business they are stealing from, which is an even more uncomfortable truth to deal with. 

Vehicle Patrol

We here at American Global Security do understand this however, and so we are always recommending business owners and those with physical location and assets to hire a security guard. Unarmed and armed guards are the vigilant defenders that your property need to survive and thrive in the current climate. Our guards have the training, equipment, and sensibilities needed to protect card dealerships, businesses or other location. 

It’s not just business owners that trust us. Some of our clients are cities and other government facilities. These locations are home to key infrastructure and other buildings which need protecting. If the government is smart enough to protect their locations with American Global Security Guards, shouldn’t you as a responsible business owner do the same?

Don’t wait until you have problems to call us! The best time to get security is before you experience any of the issues that are wreaking havoc on so many of our other clients. Unarmed security at your locations can be the deterrent you need to keep your business safe. Property and assets cost even more to repair than your employees and clients’ peace of mind.