AGS protects Hospitals and Clinics in Los Angeles


Retaining private security services at hospitals and health centers like clinics and other care facilities is just as important as any other place of business. In fact, having security at places like this can be even more important than you may expect.

These locations having a large number of valuable medications, people who are vulnerable, and sometimes expansive facilities with many entrances and access points.

While healthcare facilities are traditionally known as places of healing and care, they can also be hotspots for disruptive behavior and criminal activity. Therefore, hiring American Global Security unarmed services can provide a range of benefits for staff, patients, and visitors.

The presence of our armed or unarmed private security personnel can help to deter potential criminal activity. Unarmed security guards will patrol the premises and monitor the security cameras, which can help to identify suspicious behavior and prevent theft, vandalism, or violent incidents.

Our Dispatch Center can also monitor your camera feeds through a secure connection! AGS guards will be checking the interior spaces, as well as checking people in at the front entrance. Security guards are an efficient way to enforce remaining Covid 19 safety protocols on site, such as checking temperatures and asking questions. These security measures will create a safer and more secure environment.  


American Global Security personnel can provide a sense of reassurance to patients and their families. Being in a hospital or health center can be a stressful and emotional experience, especially when dealing with serious illnesses or injuries.

The presence of security guards can make patients and their families feel safer and more protected, which can help to reduce their anxiety levels and make them feel more comfortable. These are not just goals for AGS, they are tried and true results we have achieved through our specialized training programs.

Private security personnel can help to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations. Unarmed security officers are trained in conflict resolution and can diffuse situations before they escalate into violence. This can help to maintain a peaceful and safe environment for everyone.

We know from first hand experience that the pharmacy at a busy hospital can be a place of great stress for a large group of people. A security guard stationed nearby who has a commanding presence will prevent and respond to any potential commotion in the pharmacy area. Knowing this can also improve employee morale and productivity, as hospital staff feel more secure in their workplace.

In conclusion, hiring American Global Security as your security services provider, particularly unarmed guards, can provide a range of benefits for hospitals and health centers. By investing in private security services, healthcare and hospitals facilities can prioritize the safety and well-being of everyone in the facility. Ask a business development expert on our team for our references!

We provide security services throughout all of California, particularly around Los Angeles and Sacramento. And remember that reaching out for a quote on our services and assessment of your facility’s security needs is completely free.

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