Construction site security services are essential!


American Global Security, Inc. has worked with many construction sites throughout California, to provide construction site security services there.

We prefer to have guards on-site, as due to the valuable nature of the equipment used and stored at these sites, break-ins and thefts are higher.

Unlike building security, where staff and visitors can be better monitored and funneled through designated entrances and exits.

Construction sites are more vulnerable, with multiple access points, weaker perimeter walls, and workers coming and going throughout the day.   

Having a guard at one of these sites is invaluable to our clients. The cost-benefit analyses we can provide are evidence of just how vulnerable these kinds of operations can be.

The potential cost of the stored materials and equipment at construction sites far outweighs the cost of security guards watching over.

According to the most recent Equipment Theft Report from 2016, compiled by the NER and NICB, the estimated total value of stolen equipment in the U.S. was nearly $300 million dollars.


In the past, many construction sites were content on relying upon cameras to deter potential crimes.

The ways to outsmart these devices have begun to pile up, to the point where now they are ignored altogether.

Therefore, a combined approach to security is now what firms like ours recommend. Having cameras and guards working in tandem can provide a site with the maximum level of security.

Rather than a reactive approach to security and recording crimes after they have already happened, an educated client will chose employing AGS technology and personnel as part of their strategy for proactive security.

One of the newest technologies helping our firm and our clients achieve this goal is LiveView, a mobile surveillance platform.

These act as both camera and alarm system, and we can deploy them for extended periods of time through the use of solar energy.

Our Dispatch Center, in cooperation with a local guard already on vehicle patrol, can spot threats in real time.

This incorporation of new technology is one example of how AGS is driving the industry to new levels of protection.   

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